CASE STUDY: Automate to maximize security

Dormakaba exivo is a cloud-based access control system for enterprises. The critical doors on the premises are secured and monitored by electronic and wireless locking components in proven dormakaba quality. Having complete control over access media ensures maximum security and flexibility.

  • Industry: Technology
  • Headquarter: Rümlang, Switzerland
  • Company size: 16,000 staff in over 60 countries

Challenge: Security, React Native, maintenance

The first challenge was developing dormakaba’s first ever React Native application, which required top-notch support for native mobile apps in multiple app versions (staging, development, test, pre-production, production).

“I believe that more and more web developers will start to develop native mobile apps (i.e. React Native). The dormakaba exivo team uses approximately 70% of the same code we have in our React web apps also in our mobile app,” says Adriano, software architect at dormakaba.

Dormakaba’s main challenge revolved around multiple players of security. The desire to develop reliable code created the need to find ways to fully automate the development lifecycle and this way provide a continuous sense of security to the clients. However, technology teams and managers often do not pay enough attention to the amount of time spent on setup, deployment and manual testing of the code.

Adriano continues: “Scripts can be much more comprehensive than human testers, and finding these bugs in the early stages of development will drastically cut your expenses and time wasted down the line. Not to mention increased confidence to deliver healthy code.” Consequently, there was a great need for automating all the error-prone parts and setting up a secure maintenance infrastructure.

Solution: Automate all the error-prone parts

After automating all the crucial steps, like configuration, setup and publishing, Adriano was more than pleased with the result. “I was impressed by how fast our project was moving,” admits Adriano. Nevercode’s seamless automated setup process takes you from zero to hero in a matter of minutes. Simply connect your repo and you’ll be running your first build — just like that.

Adriano adds that after becoming disappointed with several CI services before, Nevercode worked like a charm.

“It started great and continued to be even greater…. and finally concluded with an amazing help center team.”

Result: Fully automated development lifecycle for maximum security

“Just want to focus on your work? Then try Nevercode ;-)”

CI/CD infrastructure should be the least of your concerns when building mobile apps. That’s exactly what Nevercode has managed to do for dormakaba. “It’s so easy to just click a button and trigger a new build for a specific workflow, and finally the correct persons are notified and provided with a new ready to review/test/release version,” ensuring maximum security to the clients of dormakaba every step of the way.

Adriano Raiano
Cloud System / Software Architect

What integrations do you use with your Nevercode workflow?

Which features do you find the most useful and beneficial to a developer?

  • Team size: 11
  • Builds per day: 1-2
  • Apps: 1
  • Platform: React Native