CASE STUDY: UserADgents saves 20 min per build with CI/CD

UserADgents is one of the leading agencies in mobile marketing consultancy, helping companies develop tailor-made solutions for smartphones, tablets and connected TVs.

  • Industry: Information Technology
  • Headquarter: Paris, France
  • Company size: 10-50

“If you’re building a lot of apps and need to deliver them to different teams across the globe, use Nevercode.”

Challenge: Inefficient product development

UserADgent started to look for a continuous integration solution after repetitive grunt work started to take away too much of developers’ time. Instead of investing their full power in coding and developing the product, their dev team had to “use” a developer to make builds instead of letting him code and “use” a developer’s computer to make builds. Not to mention that building the same application in multiple configurations and sharing apps to the QA team was a huge hassle.

“There had to be a more efficient and productive way to build quality iOS and Android apps.” – Thibaud Thongvan, Development Team Leader at UserADgent

Solution: Effective management of developers’ time

After testing several CI solutions, it was clear that “Nevercode was the right tool for us.” It takes just a few clicks to set up a project with Nevercode and the configuration process is fast and simple.

“When some other popular open-source CI tools were taking too much time to ensure our CI was running 24/7, it was clear that we can trust all the maintenance side to Nevercode and concentrate on building apps with full power.”

Nevercode runs all the builds automatically, so UserADgent’s developers can put running their builds in the background and continue work on something else. Nevercode CI/CD helps their team to increase their velocity, and keep it up.

> See how CI/CD can save your team up to 20% of work time. 

Result: 20 min per build gained

Our Architect was spending 1 to 2 hours on each new Xcode release to keep everything up to date, and a developer would spend 15 to 20 minutes to ship a build,” says Thongvan. On a normal day, userADgents runs 10–30 builds. This means that in a worst case scenario the whole workday could turn into a build que. Since implementing Nevercode, wasted developer’s time is now thing from the past.

“Since we’re building more and more applications and will continue to grow, we are saving tons of valuable time!”

Favourite integrations with Nevercode workflow?

  • Team size: 12 developers
  • Builds per day: 10-30
  • Apps: 2×13 applications (iOS & Android)
  • Platform: native iOS/Android

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