Nevercode launches a new product called Testmagic

We are happy to announce that shortly after the release of Codemagic CI/CD for Flutter apps in December 2018, Nevercode launches another new product called Testmagic. It was announced at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona.

Testmagic beta by Nevercode is a simple and free mobile app for easy distribution and testing of Android and iOS beta releases. It is designed to be integrated with any CI/CD service, so you can view the CI/CD builds right on your mobile device and immediately download the build artifacts to start testing. You can also submit feedback about the builds in Testmagic and see the reported feedback back in your CI/CD tool.

All your CI/CD builds will be readily available for download on your mobile devices

In beta, the first integration available is with Codemagic, a CI/CD for Flutter apps. Coming up next is full integration with Nevercode, which makes it possible for Nevercode users to easily access and install the builds on Android and iOS devices. We are also working on adding more testing-related features, like automatic crash reports and retracing of user steps leading to crashes, just to name a few. Testmagic will be a free product regardless of the plan you have chosen on Nevercode.

Built using Flutter, Testmagic will be an open-source project. We want the users to have a say in how Testmagic evolves to better meet their needs and requirements. Developers looking to contribute will be able to add integrations and features as they see fit to build a useful, hassle-free and easy-to-use product.

Read the full story of the birth of Testmagic and our future plans here.