Nevercode’s top highlights of 2018

It’s this magical time of the year again. Team Nevercode is on a mission to simplify the process of mobile app development and we hope to have fulfilled developers’ needs and beyond. We can say that 2018 has truly been a year full of hard work for us, and in this post, we want to share some of the highlights of 2018.

Nevercode in numbers

2018 was a skyrocketing period for Nevercode. Not only were we honored to serve a double amount of projects compared to the previous year, but we also saved developers altogether

260262543.375852 seconds. 

Altogether, this makes ~3012 days running builds on Nevercode servers while developers put their time into better use.

Thank you to all of you who use Nevercode CI/CD for your mobile app development. You’re the most important thing that gets us going and believe in what we do. Thank you for your grid and hustle.

New features

In 2018, we delivered a ton of good news about helpful features that will let developers stay in the flow and leave all the frustrating parts behind. Let us present the main improvements.

fastlane for Android & iOS

Fastline integration has been a real gem for native iOS and Android developers. Fastlane integration enables mobile app developers automate every aspect of their development and release workflow.

More automation means less time spent on repetitive grunt work and fewer human errors.

See our documentation to start the fast ride for iOS or Android.

Firebase integration for Android

Nevercode’s integration with Firebase Test Lab makes a powerful combination for testing your native Android apps on real devices as part of your CI/CD process. You can test your apps across various devices (see the list here) and device configurations, review relevant artefacts, such as screenshots and videos, from your Firebase console!

Read why we ❤️ the Firebase integration and see how you can become a master of automation with Firebase Test Lab in our documentation!

Automated code signing for Android & iOS

Every developer knows that code signing can be a real pain when developing kick-ass mobile apps. That’s why it would be awesome if you could automate it and gain more time for some serious coding fun. During the year, we added several improvements to simplify the code signing process.

Automatic file collection for iOS

In 2018, Nevercode introduced automatic file collection, which enables you to automatically collect the signing files stored on your computer by running the provided collection script and use them for code signing. Do use some automagic with your code signing, check out our documentation for more information.

iOS code signing using fastlane match

Later that year, we also introduced our seamless integration with match by fastlane which allows you to easily automate iOS code signing to supercharge your entire CI/CD cycle. Check out our blog and see why and how to use match to sign your iOS apps.

Out-of-the-box code signing for Android

For Android projects, we released the out-of-the-box signing method that takes care of signing the app for you with every build. All that is required is uploading your keystore file and filling in the details about your key – a one-time job! Read more about it in our documentation.

Full OAuth integration with

Connecting your team to the GitLab integration will make managing and building GitLab projects easier for you. Nevercode will automatically create the webhooks for building feature branches, merge requests or tagged commits, and more. This gives you real superpowers to boost your app dev process! Take a look at our documentation.


Well, this requires a separate section.

Flutter, the new kid on the block, has entered the market strongly and we have a confession to make. We love Flutter! It not only makes coding fun again, but also saves you money and reduces risks. If you ever need more convincing, read more about why choose Flutter here.

In December, Nevercode launched Codemagic, the world’s first CI/CD dedicated to Flutter projects at the Flutter Live event in London. We have invested some sweat and tears to make Flutter a first-class citizen among our other supported platforms. At this point we only support GitHub repositories, but support for Bitbucket and GitLab on Codemagic will be added soon.

Nevercode CEO Triin Kask presenting Codemagic on Flutter Live

There are plenty of new features on our road map and we can’t wait to start working on them to build Codemagic into a mature, top-notch CI/CD tool for Flutter apps.

Most popular reads

A mobile app developer is on top of the game until he/she keeps up with the latest trends and hacks. The mobile app development world is growing crazy fast and one just can’t remember everything. Turns out it’s quite common to find your own answers on StackOverflow (:facepalm ) Read more about developers’ horror stories here.

What is CI/CD?
  • Another blog post that has taken mobile app dev world by storm presents our findings on mobile CI/CD. We analyzed more than 75k CI/CD builds on Nevercode servers and  wrapped the results into a post that demonstrates how CI/CD can save teams up to 20% of work day. *Another year has passed and there will be a similar post soon. Keep an eye on our Twitter account to stay updated.

  • Last but not least, we published a post about Flutter vs React Native from a developer’s perspective. Flutter is the new kid on the block and building two platforms from a single code base is an attractive idea indeed. So, take a look at the pros and cons of Flutter compared to React Native.

Last but not least, we also wrote about:

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Check out our blog for more good stuff.

Nevercode & Codemagic are going to stay on top of the game to remain your reliable CI/CD partner.

Team Nevercode!