SSH Access to Nevercode Builder VMs

More power to you, Nevercoder! By accessing our builder virtual machines via remote SSH connection, you can see what’s happening during the build process, debug your custom scripts, and keep an eye on processes running during the CI job.

Remote login via SSH (Secure Shell) makes it possible to connect to a private network securely thanks to strong authentication and encryption. As many of you have requested SSH access to our builders, we’re excited to announce that this feature is now available on all plans. Not only is it a big step towards transparency, but it also comes in handy for troubleshooting builds and using advanced custom scripts.

How it works

In order to connect you to our VMs, Nevercode creates a temporary SSH tunnel through a public gateway. Each time you start a build, we generate unique SSH keys which are valid for the duration of the build. Once you access the VM during the build process, you’ll have 20 extra minutes in addition to your build time (max 90 mins) to explore the entire VM. After these 20 minutes are over, the SSH tunnel and unique keys are removed. So simply start a new build to establish a new SSH connection.

How to connect

  1. Start a build and wait until the sandbox has been initialized.
  2. Go to the Overview tab in the Build View and wait until the build starts.

    Build View – Overview Tab

  3. Copy and run the provided command (builder SSH connection) in your terminal.
  4. In the terminal, you’ll be prompted to confirm the connection.

Eventually, you will be greeted by the following output in your terminal (see screenshot below) and can start exploring the virtual machine.

SSH connection established


  • Only users who have admin and member user access level can establish an SSH connection.
  • The script is only executable on *nix systems (e.g. Linux, Mac).

If you would like to know more about connecting to our builders, check out the guide on SSH access to builders.