Team Nevercode spotlight: SUPPORT ENGINEER

Nevercode is on a mission to provide the best CI/CD service for mobile apps. While automating all the error-prone parts of mobile app development, we don’t forget that companies are run by real people. That’s why our product and customer service get a lot of praise from our clients. That’s why we are proud to present awesome people in Nevercode.

Please meet our Support Engineer John! If you ever happened to have a failed build, something is confusing or you just need a shoulder to lean on, he’s the man for the job.

John likes to express his ideas by creating. “After music, images are the ultimate way of expression that everybody can understand”

Why did you decide to join Nevercode and what does a Support Engineer do in a CI/CD company?

As a former mobile app developer, I spent more than 2.5 years building Android apps and worked with Xamarin and some iOS frameworks.

Therefore, I understand the value of fast delivery and the great need to develop a product that actually works! In other words, ensure healthy app delivery, keep bosses happy and more importantly, clients satisfied.

However, it’s tough out there. The winner is the one who can deliver a healthy app to the market first. And the need for fast delivery can make your head spin!

That’s why after a while I wanted to try new stuff and CI/CD seemed to be a perfect choice.

Similarly to my vision, the whole point of CI/CD is to empower visionaries and creators. I also want to help people bring ideas into life and enable them to do more with their time. Create awesome stuff without hassle.

However, sometimes ideas might get stuck somewhere, then it’s my responsibility to find solutions. And that’s my role in Nevercode! Remove obstacles from realising great ideas and delivering healthy apps faster!

Can you describe a typical day in the life of a Support Engineer in a tech company, if there’s such thing like a “typical day”?

No, there isn’t. Although the flow seems to be the same every day, for a Support Engineer, there’s no day like another. Methods, practices, and projects are evolving so fast that there’s really no way to know it all.

Usually, my day starts with a customer in need. Clients are facing some issues that are stopping them delivering apps.

First, they contact me in-app or via email and describe the issue. It’s then my responsibility to find a solution to enable them to continue with their flow.

Most of the times, the issues have an easy fix and developers can carry on with their coding fun in no time. If not, I will search the deep corners of the Internet to find answers. And I will.

You can find more John’s pixel art at LIENPIXELS

What does all of this mean for the client? Where does a client with a failing build have to start?

As I mentioned, there’s usually a simple solution to the problem. If for whatever reason your build is failing, the best place to find the issue is to look at the user log (ULOG). This ULOG provides you with a record of system events from which the causes of most BEA Tuxedo system and application failures can be determined.

In the case of iOS apps, the most common issue clients are facing is related to Xcode versions. Nevercode is running the latest stable Xcode version to build your app by default (even though there may be newer beta versions available). However, you can change this setting for your project or workflow by selecting another version. Multiple versions of Xcode — that’s just the iOS app developer’s life.

The second best place to dig for solutions is previous scripts. This is an absolutely valid place to check if you have any information about issues and conflicts.

If there’s still no solution in sight, then it’s the time to contact me. I will be happy to investigate the issue and get you back on track!

Could you share a funny story while working as a Support Engineer?

One might think that dealing with other developer’s problems is a stressful and nerve-wracking job. On the contrary, developers have a very developed sense of humor (pun intended!). They usually take errors easy and try to have fun on the way.

It’s a pleasure to solve people’s problems if they are in a good mood.

Support knows the most common problems and notices new trends. What does the future hold for mobile app developers?

Future has a lot to offer for mobile app development. I can bet there’s going to be more mobile applications, and this means more issues!

Also, we can see that there’s a trend to unify the methods of how mobile apps are built. New technologies and frameworks are rising.

From my experience, I can see that Flutter is definitely taking off big time. After publishing the CI/CD integration for Flutter apps, the number of Flutter projects has skyrocketed. It seems that developers are really loving the new cross-platform framework.

Only one month before Flutter Live event, this is one trend to be aware of.

Get in touch with our Support Engineer John:

Happy building!