Top 10 Developer Jokes – The Christmas edition

Famous developer jokes, now updated with Christmas plug-ins!
WARNING: Can make even the grumpiest developers smile.

1. Fixing the lights

Because it was a hardware problem.

2. Picking a tree

Ah! A binary tree.

3. The Christmas gift

Because he got arrays.

4. The Christmas confusion

Oct 31 (Octal 31) = Dec 25 (Decimal 25)

5. The Christmas date

Foo Bar.

6. Santa’s glasses

Because he doesn’t C#.

7. Countdown

Because true developers always count from zero.
(We know it’s the Christmas edition, but we couldn’t resist adding a New Year joke.)

8. The Christmas party

Because She has no class.

9. Plastic Christmas

Because She had cleared all his cache.

10. Relationship issues

Because he was afraid to commit.

We hope these jokes brightened up your mood.

And talking of developers who are afraid to ‘commit’ during Christmas – if you’re not one of them, do try Nevercode’s Continuous Integration for Android, iOS and React Native and Codemagic CI/CD for your Flutter apps. CI/CD is a must-have on every developer’s Christmas wish list!

Merry Christmas!