Why we built Codemagic?

In August 2018, something wonderful happened: we fell in love with Flutter. We saw it aligning with our “never code” vision so perfectly that it was hard to ignore it. The simplicity, speed, and user-friendliness left us with no doubt that this will be the next generation app development platform.

Codemagic is up and running!

Flutter is not only for professional teams, but it is a great platform that could lead non-developers closer to app development.

Empowering creators and visionaries with technology that help them realize their ideas without being a hard-core programmer is the true potential we see in Flutter.

However, the road of an app does not stop on the Flutter platform but it needs to be delivered to its end users in Google Play or App Store. Considering the philosophy of Flutter and the ease to create apps with it, we knew that there needs to be a totally different approach to setting up the building, testing and publishing pipeline.

Our idea was that without any deep technical knowledge, app creators should be able to easily configure the whole flow from Flutter platform to their end users at Google Play or App Store.

And now we are proud to announce that we have built this product and we call it Codemagic.