Building automatically (Git hooks)

Set up Git hooks to trigger builds

We assume that you don't want to bother yourself opening the web browser and clicking the Build button in Nevercode to see if the build still succeeds after every tiny change in your app's codebase. That's why Nevercode supports Git hooks that provide an easy way to trigger some actions after you push your changes into the repository. By using a hook, you can trigger a build for every git push you make so your team will get instant access to the latest version of your app — automatically!

Nevercode detects the Git service that you use and provides the necessary instructions for setting it up. Git hook information is available in the Hooks section of your app settings.

For more detailed instructions, have a look at:

Skipping automatic builds

If you do not wish Nevercode to build a particular commit, simply include [skip ci] or [ci skip] (including the square brackets) in your commit message.