Feature branches

How to configure feature branch builds for repos on GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab

Nevercode supports building feature branches for repositories hosted on GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab.

Feature branches are an integral part of the Git workflow, and building feature branches automatically is fully covered by Nevercode. To get a brief overview of feature branch workflow, you can take a look at the tutorial by Atlassian here.

Set up building feature branches


To enable feature branch builds in Nevercode, you first have to connect your team to the respective integration:

  1. Navigate to the Build section in your app settings — feature branch settings can be found in the lower part of the section.

Selecting feature branches to be built

  1. Enter a pattern that will match the name(s) of the branches that you wish to build in Nevercode. See Wildcard patterns below for instructions. Branches matching the pattern will be immediately highlighted.
  2. Click the Add branch pattern button to save the setting.

This way, you can save several branch patterns to select more than one branch. Clicking on the pattern in the list lets you edit the pattern and include or exclude it. Use the trash bin icon to delete a pattern.

The next time you create a new branch or push to a branch that matches the specified pattern, Nevercode will automatically trigger a build for your project from the branch's head commit.

Wildcard patterns

Use the wildcard patterns to select more than one branch.


The pattern mentioned above is not treated as a regular expression but as Unix shell-style wildcard. The special characters that can be used are listed in the table below.

*Matches everything.This pattern selects all the branches.
* *Matches everything between the characters.The pattern *feature* would select all branches with feature in the name.
?Matches any single character in a specific position.feature-? would select both feature-a and feature-b, but not feature-ab.
[ ]Matches any character in brackets.feature-[ab] would select feature-a and feature-b, but not feature-c
[! ]Matches any character not in brackets.feature-[!b] would select feature-a and feature-c, but not feature-b.



You can set up several workflows to save and build different configurations of your app.

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Feature branches

How to configure feature branch builds for repos on GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab

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