Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequent questions about using Nevercode

How many apps can I add to Nevercode?

The number of apps is limited to 2 for the Startup plan. For higher plans, the number of apps you can add to Nevercode is not limited.

I am migrating from another platform, how can I continue numbering builds in Nevercode like I did before?

Contact support to change the build sequence number in Nevercode. We don't provide a way to change it via the user interface at this time.

How to use Carthage for dependency management in Nevercode?

Carthage is not supported out of the box, but Nevercode has Carthage 0.28 installed in the base image. Follow these steps to start using Carthage:

  1. Add NC_SKIP_COCOAPODS = true to the environment variables. This will skip downloading and installing Cocoapods.
  2. Add a custom build step and call Carthage in a NC_PRE_BUILD_SCRIPT.

Read more about environment variables & files and custom build steps.