GitLab hooks

How to set up Git hooks for GitLab

By using a hook, you can trigger a build for every git push you make, so your team will automatically get instant access to the latest version of your app. Nevercode also uses the hooks to run builds for your merge requests, tags and pushes to feature branches.

To have Nevercode automatically create the necessary hooks for you, all you need to do is set up an integration with GitLab. See GitLab integration for more information.

Setting up manual GitLab hooks

To set up a hook for GitLab:

  1. In your app settings, navigate to the Hooks section.
  2. Under Manual Git hooks, click the GitLab hooks page link that automatically redirects you to your repository settings page in GitLab.
  3. Copy and paste the payload URL from the text box in Nevercode to GitLab.


Note that you must be logged in to GitLab, otherwise GitLab will tell you that the link is invalid.

Updated 2 years ago

GitLab hooks

How to set up Git hooks for GitLab

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