Great teams publish to HipChat - now you can too##

If your team uses HipChat, one of the most popular team communication services around, then we’ve just made your life much more convenient. We added the option to publish your builds automatically to HipChat rooms. Setting this up is a breeze and will take just a minute.



Publishing to Slack is available to subscribers on Startup, Superstar, and Unicorn plans.

To enable publishing to HipChat:

  1. Open your project and click on the spanner icon in the top right corner.
  2. Click the Publishing tab.
  3. Click Publish to HipChat.
  4. Enter the authentication token.
  5. Type the room name or id in the Room field. Note that you can add only one room.
  6. Select Show changes in notes if you want the channel notification to include changes made in the build.
  7. Select Publish even if tests fail if you want the notification published in the defined room in case tests fail.
  8. Click Save.

Every time when a build has run, you’ll get a quick ping in your room that includes direct links to the binaries (so you can directly install the new version on mobile) and the release notes (git log).

Updated 2 years ago


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