Publishing your apps to HockeyApp

We are glad to let you know that Nevercode has introduced HockeyApp integration which enables you to conveniently distribute your artefacts to testers and clients. With HockeyApp you can distribute your iOS and Android apps, get feedback about your progress and collect crash reports of your apps.

Quick setup

The setup is simple, and for those of you who have used TestFlight integration before, it should be really familiar. Here’s the guide:

In the project view, click on the spanner icon,

this leads you to the project settings view.

In project settings you can see the Publishing section on the sidebar. By clicking it, the fields for configuring HockeyApp are displayed.

To use HockeyApp:

  • obtain your API token from here
  • copy-paste the token to Nevercode and hit save
  • and that’s it!

Other fields are optional, but might come in handy if you’d like to configure a bit more. Here’s a quick overview of their meaning:

  • checking notify teammates sends emails for every build to users who are permitted to use your app,
  • private option enables the private download page for artefact.

In the screenshot, build log reports that it published the build artefacts to both Nevercode and HockeyApp.

Updated 3 years ago


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