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My build fails with 'unable to export archive... No applicable devices found'

Most iOS applications are built using the archive build action. This means that there are two steps for getting an IPA file from the source code:

  1. the archive step which builds the application
  2. the exportArchive step which packages the application to an IPA

The error message indicates that the second step is failing.

Unfortunately Xcodebuild's exportArchive's output is not very user-friendly. The real cause of this issue can be found in the contents of the file IDEDistribution.standard.log which Nevercode prints out in its build log. This file contains very detailed information and gives great insight as to what might be wrong with your archive.

More than often it happens that this log will contain an entry like this:

code = 0;
      description = "Info.plist of SomeApp.bundle specifies a non-existent file for the CFBundleExecutable key";
      info =             {
      level = ERROR;
      type = "malformed-payload";

Where SomeApp.bundle refers to some third-party framework. In these cases it is sufficient to remove the CFBundleExecutable keys from the respective Info.plist files altogether.
More information can be found here.

Updated 2 years ago

Apple iOS issues

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