Nevercode build version

How can I use the Nevercode build version in my scripts?

Nevercode exports two environment variables that you can use in your build scripts for versioning:


NEVERCODE_BUILD is set to true in Nevercode for every build and it indicates that your build is currently running in a CI environment.

NEVERCODE_BUILD_NUMBER environment variable holds the total count of builds (including the ongoing build) for this project in Nevercode. In other words, if you have triggered 10 builds for some project in Nevercode, the next time you build it, NEVERCODE_BUILD_NUMBER will be exported as 11. Please note that the number of builds is counted separately for each workflow, which means that if you have configured several workflows for a project, the value for NEVERCODE_BUILD_NUMBER reflects the number of builds triggered for a particular workflow and is independent of other workflows of this project.

There are platform specific instructions with example code snippets available: