Release notes

Publish release notes to email and Slack

Create a custom release notes file to notify users of the changes as you publish a new version of your app. Release notes will be automatically included in the publishing email and/or sent as a Slack message if you have configured these publishing options on Nevercode.

The content of the release notes file is fully customizable.

Setting up custom release notes

  1. In the Publishing section of your app settings, enable publishing to Email and/or Slack.
  2. Create a release_notes.txt file and add it to the root of your repository. When present, Nevercode will fetch the content of that file and include it in the email and/or in the Slack message each time the build is published.


Publishing change log

Note that it is possible to configure Nevercode to include the commit messages in the publishing message by checking the Show changes in notes option for a particular publishing channel. If you wish to publish the custom release notes file only, make sure to uncheck the Show changes in notes option.

Updated 2 years ago

Release notes

Publish release notes to email and Slack

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