App Store Connect

App Store Connect

Nevercode enables publishing to App Store Connect via the Application Loader application. This means that we need your Apple ID and app-specific password to perform the publishing on your behalf.

Publishing to App Store Connect requires signing the application with App Store distribution certificate. Also the application must be App Store ready for build distribution, meaning that it must have all the correct icons and icon sizes, otherwise App Store Connect will tag the binary as invalid, and you will not be able to distribute it at all.

It is also worth pointing out the necessity for each uploaded binary to have a different version, else it will be refused by App Store Connect.

Setting it up

First, log in to App Store Connect.

Navigate to My Apps. Select your application and find General Information section under App Information tab. From there you can see your app’s identifier. This is confusingly named Apple ID.

Now that you have the App ID, you can add this information to your project in Nevercode.

Now, every time you build your app, we will distribute it to App Store Connect as well. If there are any problems with the build, App Store Connect will let you know by sending you an e-mail.

Submit to App Store

Log in to App Store Connect as described above. Navigate to My Apps and identify the application you would like to publish to App Store. To start the submission process press the Prepare for Submission button.

As a next step check that you application metadata is up to date and once everything is ready, just hit the Submit for Review button.


I receive 'Invalid binary' or similar error during publishing

This error is due to older Nevercode projects defaulting to the build action for building and packaging iOS applications. Due to changes on Apple's side, packaging applications with this method no longer produces valid binaries.

The solution is to make Nevercode build and package the application using the archive action instead. To achieve this there are two options:

  1. Add the following environment variable to your Nevercode project:
  2. Contact the Nevercode team and specify the URL of your project that should be changed to use the archive action

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App Store Connect

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