We are Nevercode

Software is never just about code – it’s about the impact it creates.

Nevercode empowers visionaries, architects and engineers to build a new world where all lives have a meaningful impact.

We are a team of people who are passionate about life. It’s the new inventions, bold ideas and courage to make the impossible possible that make us thrive. We are keen to see how the world evolves as more and more people are determined to realize their full potential.

Having witnessed what we have accomplished and the technological achievements that great minds have brought about leaves us no doubt that humankind is meant to succeed.


Nevercode was born from a simple idea: to help mobile app developers build better apps faster. We built a cloud-based continuous integration service that automated the key steps in the development process – building, testing, distributing. We’ve come to the realization that finding ways to eliminate grunt work allows developers to be more effective and achieve ambitious goals. Thus, the way developers work influences their results, and that in turn has an impact on everyone.


Between technology and people there is always code. We don’t see it but it runs our cars, uploads our photos and sends our emails. Today, developers are writing the code and people can access technology the way developers have decided. Our vision is to unlock technology for everyone who wants to make their ideas come true without the code in between.

Our roadmap includes many milestones to accomplish this vision. We have planned work for years to come.

Welcome to the new world
The world of Nevercode